Sl.No Name of the Project PI Start date End Date
1 Microbial Control of Insect Pests-II (AMAAS project continued) Dr. B. Ramanujam 01/04/2007 31/03/2014
2 Biodiversity of aphids, coccids and their natural enemies Dr. Sunil Joshi 27/08/2008 31/03/2015
3 Biodiversity of oophagous parasitoids with special reference to Scelionidae Dr. K. Veenakumari 01/09/2008 31/03/2018
4 Effect of abiotic stresses on the natural enemies of crop pests Trichogramma Chrysoperla Trichoderma and Pseudomonas and mechanism of tolerance to these stresses Dr. S. K. Jalali 19/07/2008 31/03/2014
5 Biological Control of Colletotrichum Diseases of Chillies (ORP on Leaf Spot Diseases) Dr. B. Ramanujam 23/06/2009 31/03/2014
6 Diversity of economically important Indian Microgastrinae (Braconidae) supported by Molecular Phylogenetic studies Dr. Ankitha Gupta 21/09/2010 21/09/2015
7 Biosystematics and Diversity of Entomogeneous Nematodes in India Dr. Jagadeesh Patil 01/03/2012 31/03/2015
8 Development of Computational Tool for Prediction of Insecticide Resistance Gene in Agriculturally Important Insects Dr. M. Pratheepa 01/04/2012 31/03/2015
9 Diversity and Predator-prey Interactions With Special Reference to Predatory Anthocorids and Mites Dr. Chandish R. Ballal 24/03/2012 31/03/2017
10 Genetic Diversity, Biology And Utilization Of Entomopathogenic Nematodes (EPN) Against Cryptic Pests Dr. M. Nagesh 01/04/2012 31/03/2015
11 Insect Vector Components Influencing Phytoplasma Diseases Dr. P. Sreerama Kumar 01/04/2012 31/03/2015
12 Mechanism of insecticide resistance in Leucinodes orbonalis and Leucopholis coneophora Dr. M. Mohan 01/10/2012 31/03/2016
13 Microflora associated with insecticides resistance in cotton leafhopper (Amrasca biguttula biguttula) Dr. G. Siva Kumar 04/01/2012 31/03/2015
14 Pollinator Diversity In Different Agro-Climatic Regions With Special Emphasis On Non-Apis Species Dr. T. M. Shivalingaswamy 01/04/2012 31/03/2015
15 Role of microbial flora of aphids in insecticide resistance Dr. Mahesh Yandigeri 01/10/2012 31/03/2016